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Changmin Icons :D

                          Lizzie Made!!! :D


Title: Quidditch
Pairings: Hosu
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance/Humor
A/N: Harry Potter reference and Junsu acting naughty.
Summary: Junsu wants to invent his own Quidditch and Yunho is the perfect candidate.

“Hey, Yunho” Junsu excitedly called out. “I wanna ask you, something”
“Hmm” Yunho replied, trying to keep his focus on the Jurassic Park book, he was reading. Who would have thought that the movie missed so many great details? For one, Malcolm really had some amazing lines and was also quite useless. Then again, he was useless in the movie.

“I want to play Quidditch, Yunho.” Junsu whispered and nestle into the couch that Yunho was resting quite comfortably. “and I want to play it right now?”
Yunho finally let himself lose the focus he had tried so hard to maintain and stared at his boyfriend amusedly and remarked, “Quidditch, really and how exactly would you be able to fly on brooms and go to the magical world of Harry Potter?”

“Well moron, I said I wanted to play Quidditch, who said I wanted to play on a broom?” Junsu indignantly replied.
“I wouldn’t advise you to say that to Changmin, he will pretty much throttle you, and Quidditch is played on a broom, in the world of Harry Potter. Do I need to go Oliver Wood on you?” Yunho asked.
'I said I wanted to play Quidditch, but the type of Quidditch, I want to play involves you as a field. Your hands as the Quaffle” Junsu awkwardly placed Yunho hands all over his body and shivered when Yunho held him.“Your Penis as the Bludger “ Junsu slowly unbutton Yunho pants and gently touch Yunho penis. “And finally, your semen as the Snitch. Think you’re up to the task?” Junsu whispered to Yunho”

“No sex, I sleep, eat, play and roll around on that couch. NO SEX!” Jaejoong yelled from the newly open door, that not only consisted his shouting and shock expression but Changmin looking at Junsu and mouthing “Your dirtying the greatness that is Quidditich and Harry Potter” while Yoochun just grin and said “ Finally went for it, eh”

And Junsu and Yunho, well they went to play the newly Quidditch game that Junsu had come up. Quite successfully!


Choosing sides is not for ME

I am trying to be quite neutral in the whole JYJ/HM fight.
I adore the group DBSK...the first group that made me really like a boyband. I have been fangirling for them for about five years.
I bought 2 Mirotic Cds...lol
My favorite member is CHANGMIN and I have absolutely adore/admire/ fan girl him

I am still not picking a side. I honestly thought it was wrong for Junsu to lash out like that but I dont blame him. It's really none of my business.
Homin just aren't the type to write stuff online...at least till now.

I do however cannot see BOA/Sungmin/Shingdong/who ever else comment the same way. I like your songs but ganging up on someone is not right. I dont care from who side it is.

I will be Neutral but still spazz like loka on changmin.... a bit more than the other four sowwie  lol



Homin looked absolutely gorgeous and now i have like 100 pictures/gif just from today

i is a happy fangirl :D

Just figured i should give this first entry post to Homin lol



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